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Solar X-Ray Flux and Geomagnetic Field

Solar X-Rays


Geomagnetic field


Magnetometer data from Germany

The graph below indicates the probability of an Aurora.

The further the marker extends to the lower right corner (red area) the higher the likelihood of an upcoming Aurora.

The picture below shows the present Aurora oval.

The larger the oval, the further South / down to lower latitudes the Aurora can be observed.

Here is another very nice picture of the Aurora oval.

The plot below simulates the area, where in the Northern Hemisphere an Aurora is presently visible (assuming a dark sky). It is updated every 5 minutes but you have to click the reload button of your browser. The model computes the estimated brightness of auroral activity and plots this on the map as a solid bright color that varies from green (no activity to low levels of auroral activity) to brown/orange (low to moderate levels of activity) to red (moderate to high levels of activity). The brighter the red, the more intense the activity. Those areas which may be able to spot activity are most often within the zone of fading color on the outskirts of the plotted auroral oval. The extent of the fading color zone on the outskirts of the oval is based on the estimated height and intensity of auroral luminosity.

Image of Auroral Sightings

The map below shows, where Auroral sightings have been reported during the last 72 hours

Image of Auroral Sightings

The German Astrosite provides an overview of the present objects worth to be observed and a view of the night sky which is updated hourly



Schedule of Astronomy related Television transmission of NASA:

Calculate upcoming Iridium flares visible from the location of DD1US

(thanks to CalSky for providing this excellent service)


This picture shows you the current position of the International Space Station ISS

 (courtesy of ESA&Heavens-Above)

If you are not sure, what you have just seen then check whether it might have been an airplane

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