Amateur Radio





For portable operations in FM on VHF/UHF/SHF I am using my ICOM IC-T81 quad-band (6m, 2m 70cm, 23cm) hand-held transceiver or my YAESU VY-8 dual-band (2m, 70cm) hand-held transceiver, which additionally includes a GPS receiver and supports APRS.



I have built also a little portable setup to be able to listen to various satellites when sitting in our garden. The setup is comprised of the following antennas which can be attached to a little tripod: an omni-directional antenna covering the frequency range from 0.5-1500 MHz, a logarithmic-periodic antenna covering the frequency range from 800-2000 MHz and a helix antenna covering the frequency range from 2000-2600 MHz. All antennas have adequate low noise amplifiers directly attached to them and the AOR AR-8600 all-mode receiver covers the full frequency range 0.5-3000 MHz. The amplifiers as well as the receiver feature integrated rechargeable batteries and thus the setup is operational within seconds.


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