NOAA 15 HRPT images


In October 2017 I started to receive also the HRPT weather pictures of various satellites including NOAA-15. I am using a 2.3m fine-mesh dish with automated tracking. The receiver is an Airspy-Mini SDR. I am using WXTrack for providing the tracking data of the satellites by DDE, PSTRotator using the DDE-data to control the rotator and XHRPT to demodulate the signal. The I/Q data from the Airspy-Mini is streamed via IP to XHRPT by SpyServer which is running on an OdroidXU4 board. Here is a screenshot of the software (if you click on the picture you will get a bigger version):


20.10.2017 17:38UTC
(Channel 2 only)

20.10.2017 17:38UTC
(Channel 3 only)

20.10.2017 17:38UTC
(Channel 5 only)


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