Meteor 2-1 APT images


This is a small collection of images which I received in June 1998 from the Russian polar orbiting weather satellite Meteor 2-1. All pictures were received using a home-built FM receiver based on a kit from Holger Eckardt DF2FQ (shown on the picture to the right). With this receiver and a 2m X-Quad antenna I received the automatic picture (APT) transmissions and decoded them using the sound card of my PC. The complete station was running fully automated and was controlled by a PC. The pictures are sorted by date of reception. Please click on the icons to load the full scale pictures which are up to 1 MB large.




I hope you enjoyed browsing this little collection. If found it interesting to watch the surface features and details changing during the seasons. Your feedback is always welcome. Please send it to my Email-address below:


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