Amateur Radio


I am travelling quite a bit by car and enjoy staying in touch with friends using my Kenwood TM-D710E dual-band (2m, 70cm) mobile transceiver.

Kenwood TM-D710E 


Geosat5 GPS blu APRS

While I am traveling, most of the time the Kenwood TM-D710E transceiver is active and transmits an APRS beacon on 144.800 MHz using the callsign DD1US-1. It is connected to an AVMAP Geosat5 GPS receiver which provides the precise time and location for the APRS beacon and also displays other APRS stations which are received by the TM-D710E and provided to the Geosat5. Thus no PC is needed for this mobile APRS station.

In parallel to APRS I can operate on 2m band or 70cm band in FM. Usually I am using a repeater to increase the operating range. I am using the callsign DD1US/m (mobile).

My APRS beacon transmits the frequency I am monitoring and where you can reach me for a voice contact. If you do not have an APRS station yourself you can also check my status in the internet at or if you simply click on the little map below. You will then get my location and the present status of my mobile station DD1US-1.



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